Wednesday, 14 September 2005


Ännu ett exempel på användandet av mikrotryck är att BMW i Australien sprejar sina nya bilar med 10000 små punkter innehållande producentens identifikationsnummer.

Metod för att göra mikrotryck:

Microdots work by shrinking words or letters until they become unnoticeable in a standard sized document. The receiver than magnifies the dots to read your message.

You can use the word processor package on a computer to shrink the font size of individual letters until they are barely noticeable, then hide them in a normal text as full stops.

Version One
Write a boring article, then type out your secret message. Using the format command on your word processor, select the whole of your message and change its font size. If your normal font size is 12, make the shrunken font size about 1 or 2. You may find that you want to change the font of the shrunken letters as some fonts are more condensed than others.

Now go through the document, and replace each full stop with one of the shrunken letters by cutting and pasting them in. You may need to fiddle with their size or alter them tobold or italic to make them appear as similar to full stops as possible. Even if your message is finished half-way down the document, you may want to replace the rest of the full stops with random letters, just so they all look the same.

Now print out the document and send the paper version to your contact. They will be able to read your message by looking at each full stop through a magnifying glass.

Version Two
This version has to be written, sent and unscrambled on a computer. This way you can hide the complete message in just one full stop.

Write your message, then selecting the format command again shrink the font size to about 1 or 2. Now select character spacing, choose the condense command and make the writing as condensed as possible. This forces the letters to be typed over the top of each other.

Email the innocent looking document to your contact who will be able to unscramble the full stop by highlighting the whole document, choosing the condense command and restoring the text to normal.

Mikrotryck med kamera:

Microdots can be made with specialized cameras like the one shown here, or even with an ordinary 35mm camera. To make a microdot, photograph a coded message with high-resolution film. Develop that film, mount the negative with a light behind it, and photograph it again. The resulting image, which can be cut from the second negative, is less than a quarter of an inch across.

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