Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sun and Sail Club - The Great White Dope

Sun and Sail Club - 'The Great White Dope'

Album Type: Full-Length
Date Released: 12/05/2015
Label: Satin Records Recordings

‘The Great White Dop’ CD//DD//LP track listing:
01. Krokodil Dental Plan
02. Dresden Fireball Freakout Flight
03. Baba Yaga Bastard Patrol
04. Migraine With A Chainsaw Reduction
05. Level Up & Shut It Down
06. Fever Blister & The Great White Dope
07. Full Tilt Panic
08. Alien Rant Factory
09. Inside Traitor Outside View
10. Cypherpunk Roulette

Sun and Sail Club is:

Bob Balch | Guitars
Scott Thomas Reeder | Bass
Scott Reeder | Drums
Tony Adolescent | Vocals