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2,270,365 - 10 God Versus Satan Killscore.

How many people did God kill in the Bible?
It is impossible to know exactly how many people God killed in the Bible. The number of people who he drowned in a flood, had burnt to death in Sodom & Gomorrah, had killed for being first-born Egyptians or put to death at his hands in other ways have all gone uncharted. It is impossible to tally up all, or even most, of the people God killed in the Bible but there are some stories in the Bible that tells us exactly how many were killed by him. Here's a list, originated by Steve Wells, of most the body count numbers found in the good book. [from]

SAB, Brick TestamentNumber KilledCummulative Total
Lot's wife for looking back Gen.19:26, BT 1 1
Er who was "wicked in the sight of the Lord" Gen.38:7, BT 1 2
Onan for spilling his seed Gen.38:10, BT 1 3
For dancing naked around Aaron's golden calf Ex.32:27-28, 35, BT 3000 3003
Aaron's sons for offering strange fire before the Lord Lev.10:1-3, Num.3:4, 26:61, BT 2 3005
A blasphemer Lev.24:10-23, BT 1 3006
A man who picked up sticks on the Sabbath Num.15:32-36, BT 1 3007
Korah, Dathan, and Abiram (and their families) Num.16:27, BT 12+ 3019+
Burned to death for offering incense Num.16:35, 26:10, BT 250 3269+
For complaining Num.16:49, BT 14,700 17,969+
For "committing whoredom with the daughters of Moab" Num.25:9, BT 24,000 41,969+
Midianite massacre (32,000 virgins were kept alive) Num.31:1-35, BT 90,000+ 131,969+
God tells Joshua to stoned to death Achan (and his family) for taking the accursed thing. Joshua 7:10-12, 24-26, BT 5+ 131,974+
God tells Joshua to attack Ai and do what he did to Jericho (kill everyone). Joshua 8:1-25, BT 12,000 143,974+
God delivered Canaanites and Perizzites Judges 1:4, BT 10,000 153,974+
Ehud delivers a message from God: a knife into the king's belly Jg.3:15-22, BT 1 153,975+
God delivered Moabites Jg.3:28-29, BT 10,000 163,975+
God forces Midianite soldiers to kill each other. Jg.7:2-22, 8:10, BT 120,000 283,975+
The Spirit of the Lord comes on Samson Jg.14:19, BT 30 284,005+
The Spirit of the Lord comes mightily on Samson Jg.15:14-15, BT 1000 285,005+
Samson's God-assisted act of terrorism Jg.16:27-30, BT 3000 288,005+
"The Lord smote Benjamin" Jg.20:35-37, BT 25,100 313,105+
More Benjamites Jg.20:44-46 25,000 338,105+
For looking into the ark of the Lord 1 Sam.6:19 50,070 388,175+
God delivered Philistines 1 Sam.14:12 20 388,195+
Samuel (at God's command) hacks Agag to death 1 Sam.15:32-33 1 388,196+
"The Lord smote Nabal." 1 Sam.25:38 1 388,197+
Uzzah for trying to keep the ark from falling 2 Sam.6:6-7, 1 Chr.13:9-10 1 388,198+
David and Bathsheba's baby boy 2 Sam.12:14-18 1 388,199+
Seven sons of Saul hung up before the Lord 2 Sam.21:6-9 7 388,206+
From plague as punishment for David's census (men only; probably 200,000 if including women and children) 2 Sam.24:13, 1 Chr.21:7 70,000+ 458,206+
A prophet for believing another prophet's lie 1 Kg.13:1-24 1 458,207+
God delivers the Syrians into the Israelites' hands 1 Kg.20:28-29 100,000 558,207+
God makes a wall fall on Syrian soldiers 1 Kg.20:30 27,000 585,207+
God sent a lion to eat a man for not killing a prophet 1 Kg.20:35-36 1 585,208+
Ahaziah is killed for talking to the wrong god. 2 Kg.1:2-4, 17, 2 Chr.22:7-9 1 585,209+
Burned to death by God 2 Kg.1:9-12 102 585,311+
God sends two bears to kill children for making fun of Elisha's bald head 2 Kg.2:23-24 42 585,343+
Trampled to death for disbelieving Elijah 2 Kg.7:17-20 1 585,344+
Jezebel 2 Kg.9:33-37 1 585,355+
God sent lions to kill "some" foreigners 2 Kg.17:25-26 3+ 585,358+
Sleeping Assyrian soldiers 2 Kg.19:35, 2 Chr.32:21, Is.37:36 185,000 770,358+
Saul 1 Chr.10:14 1 770,359+
God delivers Israel into the hands of Judah 2 Chr.13:15-17 500,000 1,270,359+
Jeroboam 2 Chr.13:20 1 1,270,360+
"The Lord smote the Ethiopians." 2 Chr.14:9-14 1,000,000 2,270,360+
God kills Jehoram by making his bowels fall out 2 Chr.21:14-19 1 2,270,361+
Ezekiel's wife Ezek.24:15-18 1 2,270,362+
Ananias and Sapphira Acts 5:1-10 2 2,270,364+
Herod Acts 12:23, BT 1 2,270,365+
Final Total: 2,270,365 by God

How many did Satan kill in the Bible?
So far there is a total of 2,270,365 for just the documented deaths caused by God in the Bible. This number is obviously an extremely small percentage of total amounts of people he had killed in the Bible but again, these are only ones where the specific number was documented. How does this compare with Satan, how many did he kill in the Bible? To best knowledge there are only ten people that Satan killed and even these he shares with God since God allowed him to do this as a part of a bet. The only documented account of Satan killing anyone is found in Job 1:1-9 and is that of the seven sons and three daughters of Job. When you compare 10 to 2,270,365+ it makes it quite difficult to still label Satan as the "bad guy."
Seven sons and three daughters of Job Job 1:1-9 10 10
Final Total: 10 by Satan

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Secret Sun

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Roky Erickson - Alien releases new album!!!

Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil (2010) 
New album by legend Roky Erickson!!!

Roky Erickson with Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil (2010)

In 1982, Erickson asserted that a Martian had inhabited his body. He later reported to friends that aliens were coming to Earth to harm him, and asked a Notary Public to witness an official declaration that he was himself an alien, hoping that this would convince the aliens to leave him alone.


Roky Erickson

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Roky Erickson

Roky Erickson performing at the 2007 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
Background information
Birth name Roger Kynard Erickson
Born July 15, 1947 (1947-07-15) (age 62)
Origin Austin, Texas, U.S.
Genres Rock, psychedelic rock, garage rock
Occupations Musician
Years active 1964–present
Labels CBS Records
Restless Records
Pink Dust Records
Five Hours Back
Fan Club
Sympathy for the Record Industry
Triple X Records
Emperor Jones
Norton Records
New Rose Records
Associated acts 13th Floor Elevators
Website Official website
Roky Erickson (born Roger Kynard Erickson on July 15, 1947) is an American singer, songwriter, harmonica player and guitarist from Texas. He was a founding member of the 13th Floor Elevators and pioneer of the psychedelic rock genre.[1]



[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life and career

Erickson was interested in music from his youth: he played piano from age 5 and took up guitar at 10. He attended school in Austin and dropped out of Travis High School in 1965, one month before graduating, rather than cut his hair to conform to the school dress code.[2] His first notable group was The Spades, who scored a regional hit with Erickson's song "We Sell Soul"; this song is included on the compilation album Highs in the Mid-Sixties, Volume 17 (although the songwriter is identified as Emil Schwartze on the track listing on this album). Also the song "You're Gonna Miss Me", later a hit for 13th Floor Elevators, was featured on the compilation album The Best Of Pebbles Volume 1.

[edit] 13th Floor Elevators years

Erickson co-founded the 13th Floor Elevators in late 1965. He and bandmate Tommy Hall were the main songwriters. Early in her career, singer Janis Joplin considered joining the Elevators, but Family Dog's Chet Helms persuaded her to go to San Francisco, California instead, where she found major fame.
In 1966 (Erickson was 19 years old) the band released their debut album The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators. Psychedelic Sounds had the band's only charting single, Erickson's "You're Gonna Miss Me." A stinging breakup song, the single remains probably Erickson's best-known work: it was a major hit on local charts in the U.S. southwest, and appeared at lower position on national singles charts as well. Critic Mark Deming writes that "If Roky Erickson had vanished from the face of the earth after The 13th Floor Elevators released their epochal debut single, 'You're Gonna Miss Me,' in early 1966, in all likelihood he'd still be regarded as a legend among garage rock fanatics for his primal vocal wailing and feral harmonica work."[3]
In 1967, the band followed up with Easter Everywhere, perhaps the band's most focused effort, featuring the epic track "Slip Inside This House", and a noted cover of Bob Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue."
The album Live was put out in 1968 by International Artists. It featured audience applause dubbed over studio recordings of cover versions and older material, and it had little to no input from the band.
Bull of the Woods, released in 1969, was the 13th Floor Elevators' last released album on which they worked as a group and was largely the work of Stacy Sutherland. Erickson, due to health and legal problems, and Tommy Hall were only involved with a few tracks, including "Livin' On" and "May the Circle Remain Unbroken".

[edit] Mental illness and legal problems

In 1968, while doing a stint at HemisFair, Erickson started speaking nonsense. He was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and sent to a Houston psychiatric hospital, where he involuntarily received electroconvulsive therapy.[2]
The Elevators were vocal proponents of LSD, mescaline (peyote), DMT and marijuana use, and were subject to extra attention from police. In 1969, Erickson was arrested for possession of one marijuana joint in Austin. Facing a ten-year prison term, Erickson pled not guilty by reason of insanity. He was first sent to the Austin State Hospital. After several escapes, he was sent to the Rusk State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, where he was subjected to more electroconvulsive therapy and Thorazine treatments, ultimately remaining in custody until 1972.

[edit] Bleib Alien years

When released from the state hospital, Erickson's mental outlook had changed. In 1974, he formed a new band which he called "Bleib alien", Bleib being an anagram of Bible and/or German for Stay, and "Alien" being a pun on the German word "Allein" ("alone") - the phrase in German therefore being "Remain alone". His new band exchanged the psychedelic sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators for a more hard rock sound that featured lyrics on old horror film and science fiction themes. "Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)" (produced by The Sir Douglas Quintet's Doug Sahm) was released as a single.
The new band renamed itself Roky Erickson and the Aliens. In 1979, after playing with the Reversible Cords on May Day at Raul's, Erickson recorded 15 new songs with producer Stu Cook, former bass player of Creedence Clearwater Revival. These efforts were released in two "overlapping" LPs — "I Think Of Demons" (CBS UK, 1980) and "The Evil One" (415 Records, 1981). Cook played bass on two tracks, "Sputnik" and "Bloody Hammer." Roky performed with The Nervebreakers as his backup band at The Palladium in Dallas in 1979. A recording was issued on the French label New Rose and was recently re-issued elsewhere.
In 1982, Erickson asserted that a Martian had inhabited his body. He later reported to friends that aliens were coming to Earth to harm him, and asked a Notary Public to witness an official declaration that he was himself an alien, hoping that this would convince the aliens to leave him alone.

[edit] Creative decline and renewed interest

In an unmedicated state, Erickson began a years-long obsession with the mail, often spending hours poring over random junk mail, writing to solicitors and celebrities (dead or living). He was arrested in 1989 on charges of mail theft. Erickson picked up mail from neighbors who had moved and taped it to the walls of his room. He insisted that he never opened any of the mail, and the charges were ultimately dropped.
Several live albums of his older material have been released since then, and in 1990 Sire Records/Warner Bros. Records released a tribute album, Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye produced by WB executive Bill Bentley. It featured versions of Erickson's songs performed by The Jesus and Mary Chain, R.E.M., ZZ Top, Julian Cope, Butthole Surfers, Bongwater, John Wesley Harding, Doug Sahm and Primal Scream. According to the liner notes, the title of the album came from a remark Erickson made to a friend who asked him to define psychedelic music, to which Erickson reportedly replied "It's where the pyramid meets the eye, man," an apparent reference to the Eye of Providence and the Great Seal of the United States.

[edit] Return to music

Roky Erickson and the Explosives at Bumbershoot festival (2007).

Roky Erickson receiving a lifetime achievement award from Billy Gibbons at the Austin Music Awards (2008).

Roky Erickson performing at Austin Music Awards (2008).
In 1995, Erickson released All That May Do My Rhyme on Butthole Surfers drummer King Coffey's label Trance Syndicate Records. Produced by Texas Tornado bassist Speedy Sparks, Austin recording legend Stuart Sullivan and Texas Music Office director Casey Monahan, the release coincided with the publication of Openers II, a complete collection of Erickson's lyrics. Published by Henry Rollins's 2.13.61 Publications, it was compiled and edited by Casey Monahan with assistance from Rollins and Erickson's youngest brother Sumner Erickson, a classical tuba player.
The same year Swedish death metal band Entombed released a split EP with New Bomb Turks titled Night of the Vampire, with a cover of Erickson's single.
Sumner was granted legal custody of Roky in 2001, and established a legal trust to aid his brother. As a result, Roky received some of the most effective medical and legal aid of his life, the latter useful in helping sort out the complicated tangle of contracts, which had reduced royalty payments to all but nothing for his recorded works. He also started taking medication to control his schizophrenia.
A documentary film on the life of Roky Erickson titled You're Gonna Miss Me was made by director Keven McAlester and screened at the 2005 SXSW film festival. In September of the same year, Erickson performed his first full-length concert in 20 years at the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival with The Explosives with special guest and long time associate, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top.
In the December 30, 2005 issue of the Austin Chronicle, an alternative weekly newspaper in Austin, Texas, Margaret Moser brings up to date the story of Erickson's recovery with the aid of his brother Sumner. According to the article, Roky weaned himself off his medication, played at 11 gigs in Austin that year, obtained a driver's license, owns a car (a Volvo), voted the previous year, and planned to do more concerts with The Explosives in 2006.
In 2007, Erickson played his first ever gigs in New York City, as well as California's Coachella Festival and made a stunning debut performance in England to a capacity audience at the Royal Festival Hall, London. Roky continued to play in Europe, performing for the first time in Finland at Ruisrock festival. According to the article in Helsingin Sanomat 8 June 2007, the performance was widely considered the highlight of the festival day.[4]
According to an interview on Sound Opinions on Chicago Public Radio with You're Gonna Miss Me director Kevin McAlester (7/24/07), Erickson is currently working on a new album with Billy Gibbons, singer and guitarist of ZZ Top, and a longtime admirer of Erickson; Gibbons' earlier band The Moving Sidewalks had a hit with "99th floor", which was a tribute of sorts to the Elevators.
On 8 September 2008, Scottish post-rock band Mogwai released the Batcat EP. Erickson is featured on one of the tracks, "Devil Rides".[5] Erickson performed alongside indie rock band Okkervil River at the Austin Music Awards in 2008 and then again at the 2009 South by Southwest music festival.[6]
British Rock Band Kasabian, acknowledged Erickson's work on the centrefold CD booklet of their 2009 album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum with a case of dead moth and butterfly samples and a plaque reading "Bequeathed to the West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum by Mr. R. Erickson". The centrefold also serves as the band's backdrop at live shows.
On April 20, 2010, Erickson will release True Love Cast Out All Evil, his first album of new material in 14 years. Austin-based Okkervil River serves as Erickson's backing band on the album.[7]

[edit] Discography

[edit] See also

[edit] References

Eye Mind: The Saga of Roky Erickson and The 13th Floor Elevators, The Pioneers of Psychedelic Sound by Paul Drummond, Foreword by Julian Cope (Process Media, December 2007)

[edit] External links

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007 - Dee Seecreet Ageent

Aleister crowley: the great beast 666
by Richard Metzger - November 10, 2002

"Aleister Crowley was an outrageously libeled and slandered man in his time. He was variously called 'monster,' 'degenerate,' traitor,' 'evil,' 'criminal,' 'pornographer,' 'devil worshiper,' and on without end. But he has also been called, by people who knew him and by those who have studied his works, 'genius,' 'prophet of the New Aeon,' 'the greatest occultist of this century,' 'one of the finest poets of the 20th century,' etc. Crowley was a mystic, a magickian, a scholar, a poet, a climber of mountains and probably a true prophet. He certainly became a 'legend in his own time' and will probably attain real recognition only after we of lesser minds have had a chance to digest what he taught and the world has had a chance to catch up to the vision he had."From the book jacket of The Legend of Aleister Crowley by PR Stephensen and Israel Regardie (1972 edition, now reprinted by New Falcon Press).

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted

Was Hitler a "British" Agent? 2006 01 27
By Henry Makow Ph.D |

Greg Hallett's provocative book "Hitler Was A British Agent" depicts war as a ghoulish illusion conjured by occult magicians in order to gradually degrade, destroy and eventually enslave humanity in world government.
Hallett's claim that Hitler was a "British" agent is based on the testimony of a shadowy network of retired intelligence agents. While he fails to provide documentary proof, Hallett does offer persuasive circumstantial evidence.
For example, Adolph Hitler was in England in 1912-1913, a fact supported by his sister-in-law's book: "The Memoirs of Bridget Hitler"(1979). Historians apparently have ignored this startling information. (If Hallett is right, historians have sanitized Hitler and made him more credible than he actually was.)
Hallett says Hitler spent February to November 1912 being brainwashed and trained at the British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland. His sister-in-law describes him as completely wasted when he came to them immediately afterward.
"War machines need war and [that means they need] funded, trained and supported double agents to be their patsies, their puppets and their puppet enemies," Hallett says. (38)
Hallett's book is mostly useful as an alternative paradigm. (Usually we cannot recognize the truth because it doesn't pass our filters i.e. our "education.") When Hallett says "British", he means Illuminati, the Masonic cult of super rich bankers who control an interlocking network of megacartels. This cult is based in the City of London but uses England, the US, Israel and other countries as sock puppets.
Hallett's claim would clarify many improbable events in the Second World War. For example, why did Hitler let 335,000 Allied soldiers escape at Dunkirk? This quixotic gesture was explained as a peace overture, but surely England would have been more attentive if its army were in Nazi POW camps.
The Nazi triumph in Feb. 1940 was like a knock-out in the first round. The Illuminati did not intend for the match to end so soon, nor for the Nazis to win.
In the summer of 1940, when the Nazis controlled Europe, and Britain was destitute, Nazi Military Intelligence Chief (Abwehr) Admiral Wilhelm Canaris told Romanian Foreign Minister Michael Sturdza to stay neutral because England would win the war. He also gave this message to Spanish dictator Franco.

"Hitler Was A British Agent" by Greg Hallett
Hallett's theory also explains why Hitler, supposedly the arch enemy of Jewish bankers, acted like he didn't know the Rothschilds controlled England (and America) when this was practically common knowledge. If Hitler had been for real, he wouldn't have tried to accomodate these countries. England would have been invaded and conquered before Russia was attacked.
Hallett's hypothesis explains 1)Why Hitler was able to expand into the Rhineland etc. without fear of retaliation. 2) Why the Nazi war machine was financed and built by the Bank of England and a Who's Who of Anglo American corporations controlled by the Illuminati. 3) Why Hitler never sealed the Mediterranean at Gibraltar; and why the Spanish dictator Franco remained neutral, despite the huge debt he owed the Fascists for help during the Civil War. 4) Why I.G. Farben headquarters in Frankfurt was never bombed. This became CIA headquarters (the Illuminati like to economize on rent.)
It would explain why Hitler gave his ridiculous racial policies priority over actually winning the war. He could have enlisted millions of Slavs (and even many Jews) in overcoming Communist Russia. Instead, he made them implacable enemies willing to fight to the death.
We could question why the Nazis never figured out that their communications were compromised; why Hitler didn't conquer the oil fields of Russia and the Middle East when he had the chance etc. but you get the picture. The fix was in.
Who Was Hitler?
The biggest improbability of all is that an Austrian tramp, street cleaner and gay prostitute could become the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler joins a long list of obscure blackmailable figures who have been catapulted to world prominence with the aid of an unseen hand.
Hallett writes that Hitler's grandfather was Nathan Meyer Rothschild. Maria Schickelgruber, Hitler's grandmother, was a maid in the Rothschild's Vienna mansion when his father, Alois was conceived "in fear" in a satanic ritual rape. The Rothschilds could only marry within their extended family so they had illegitimate children who functioned as anonymous agents.
(Apparently this is a pattern with the Illuminati. Bill Clinton is rumored to be a Rockefeller.)
His grandmother received child support from a Jewish businessman who was probably an intermediary.
Rothschild's son, Alois Hitler's third marriage was to his niece, Klara, who became Hitler's mother. His father was overbearing and his mother over- compensating. Hitler became destitute at age 18 when his mother died, and he lived in a men's hostel that was a honey pot for homosexuals.
In 1912, Hitler traveled to England for training as an Illuminati agent. This "training" ranged from imbibing a sense of Germany's destiny to learning how to mesmerize audiences.
It also included trauma brainwashing. The "alter's" consciousness is shattered by witnessing savage atrocities and suffering sexual abuse, all of which is filmed. Then the various fragments of consciousness are programmed and can be accessed with special code words. (Read Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler for a detailed description of Illuminati mind control techniques. )
Hitler returned to Germany in May 1913 and enlisted in the German army. During World War One, he served as a runner and was captured twice by the English. On both occasions, he was spared execution by an "angel" in British intelligence.
According to Hallett, Hitler was a bisexual who enjoyed having women defecate and urinate on him. He also had undersized genitals and only one testicle. (Many women whom he courted committed suicide. The love of his life was his 17-year-old half-niece Geli whom he murdered in 1931 when she became pregnant by his chauffeur.)
History is unfolding according to a long-term plan drawn up by the Illuminati. Wars are plotted decades in advance and orchestrated to achieve the following goals: destruction of nations and natural elites, depopulation, degradation, power and profit. You can bet the next World War will fit this pattern.
Essentially a small satanic cult of the superrich preys on mankind. Put yourself in their shoes. The nations of the world owe you trillions based on money you printed for the cost of paper and ink. The only way you can protect this "investment" is to enslave the debtors through a disguised world dictatorship, using sophisticated methods of social and mind control. This is the true meaning of the War on Terror. It's not directed at "Muslim terrorists." It is directed at you and me.
According to Hallet, Joseph Stalin was another Illuminati "agent of war" who attended the Tavistock Psyche Ops training school in 1907. Clifford Shack has suggested that Stalin was also an illegitimate offspring of a Rothschild.
Hallett says Hitler's death was faked (a double was killed) and Hitler escaped to Barcelona where he lived until 1950, when he died of stomach cancer.
Greg Hallett is a maverick and his rambling book is full of repetition and digressions. I wouldn't swear by any of Hallett's claims as yet. But he deserves our thanks for presenting an alternative view of history that while far- fetched is more plausible than what supposedly transpired.
World War Two achieved all of the Illuminati's goals. Europe and particularly Germany was turned into a wasteland. So was Japan. Sixty million people were slaughtered. The Holocaust motivated Jews to establish the Rothschild's world government headquarters in Israel. Idealists and natural leaders on both sides were slaughtered. The nations were laden with debt and the bankers' vaults with filled with gold. The United Nations rose like a phoenix from the ashes. Hiroshima cast a pall of terror over the world.
The scene was set for the next act...the Cold War!
See also my "Countdown to World War Three"
Article from:

Was Hitler One-Quarter Jewish?
From Blood and Banquets: A Berlin Social Diary (Garden City, 1942) p.178 by Bella Fromm, Diplomatic Columnist for the Vossiche Zeitung, a leading Berlin newspaper in the 1930's. Bela Fromm belonged to a prominent Jewish family. The Jewish banker mentioned is rumored to be a Rothschild.
August 15, 1934
Richard came to see me all hot and flustered. "Bellachen Hitler has Jewish blood in his veins. Paul Wiegler, our fiction editor, found out through Viennese friends!
"Hitler had a very beautiful grandmother. She was vain, ambitious, and money-greedy. She had a job as a lady's maid in Vienna, at a wealthy, non-Aryan banker's house. It is known that she brought an illegitimate child into her marriage with Schicklgruber. Well, that offspring of her romance with a Jewish banker was Adolph Hitler's father.
I became very indignant! "That would be the most disgraceful blow of all to the Jews ---if it were true! Haven't we enough to bear, without adding a Jewish Hitler to our burden?"

Related: Hitler Was a British Agent

The Final Solution To Adolph Hitler

Hitler didn't want world war

Stalin's Secret Files On Hitler

How Bush's Grandfather Helped Hitler's Rise To Power

The Rothschilds and their "Nazi" Pope

Bush - Nazi Link Confirmed


Greg Hallet
Hitler Was A British Agent
Sat Jan 28, 2006 01:35

- by Greg Hallet

Greg Hallet discusses Hitler being a British agent; psyops, the Illuminati
and other aspects about Adolf Hitler, and the gross deception and game played
upon people.


AirDate: January 3, 2006

16.6 MB
72.83 Minutes
to download:
1) Left click on the link below, and a download page will come up.
2) THEN, right-click on the new link at the bottom of the download page,
to save the file to your hard drive:


The Book:

– a brilliant analysis of the deception of war

by Greg Hallett and the Spymaster.


Describes Hitler's missing year in Britain and his training in the British
Military Psych-Ops war school, some of the murders he carried out
personally, his pro-British acts during the war, and his escape out of
Berlin on 2 May 1945 . . . who flew the planes, who flew with him, where
they flew to, who greeted them, the hunt for Hitler after WWII in all the
wrong places, and first hand accounts of "Kill Hitler" contracts as late at
1964, in NZ no less. more

Perfect binding, 467 pages, includes bibliography and appendices.


Some reader reviews:
General: The book is amazing.

Cynical old man: It's gorgeous. Its so well referenced. It refers to real people and real events. This makes it hard to argue with.

53 year old businessman: It's terrific. I love it. It's my favourite book. . . . and his 39 year old girlfriend: You're his hero.

Book afficionado: I have over 6,000 books and Hitler was a British Agent is worth 500 of my other books.

Contractor: I have seconded this book. They're not getting it back. You have indemnified yourself very well.

Intelligence: You are drawing blood. The authorities don't know what to do about it.

Magazine Editor: How did you write it? I mean, it's so well written and documented. It's fast, full of information and quite racy. You're not what I expect. I met the Spymaster yesterday and he's not at all what I expected.

40 year old: My mother is part of a high standing legal family. She sat me down and said "read this". She had opened the book to 'Operation Winnie the Pooh'. I read it. Now I see you on the street and wonder why you're still alive.

James Bond III: You can't quote me on the front cover for copyright reasons, but it is "A brilliant analysis of the deception of war".

Intelligence [We want to remain unnamed]: It could well become the book of the century.

Private Investigator: We don't know how you do it. I had a quick flick through it and gave it to one of my staff. He's not giving it back. He won't even bring it into the office.

Publisher: I sat down to skim through it and didn't get up for another three hours.

American reader: Thank you for writing this book.

Rove Live: What the? . . . can we even screen this?

Cloak and Dagger:
The book is terrific. It's very well documented. It tell us more of what's happening in the backstage of the global theatre.
Full interview with Cloak & Dagger 11/11/2005

Australian reader: The book was the best read I have had since reading 'Vatican Assassins' by Eric Pelps.
27 Nov. 2005.