Thursday, 20 November 2014

HÄSHCUT - D.I.Y. psychedelic doom band... Do it! Do it Do it!!!

D.I.Y. psychedelic doom band from Caen, France.
Sounds Like: Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, The Black Angels, Sleep
Bio: Häshcut is a French four-piece D.I.Y. psychedelic doom band originating from Caen, Lower-Normandy.
The band members are Paul Martin (bass, keyboards), Raphaël Martin (vocals, guitar), Tiphaine Moreau (drums, percussion), and Xavier Müller (guitar, keyboards).
They like to describe themselves as "A mix-up between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd".
Häshcut incorporates a wide range of genres, such as noise rock, kraut rock, shoegaze, and post-punk.
Moreover, it choses to experience its music beyond the traditional "doom attitude and lyrics".
The lyrics delve into topics like wasted youth, social vampires, absurdity of life, near death experience, and future drugs, amongst others.
Since 2013, Häshcut has performed semi-acoustic gigs and experiments with folk music and pop elements.

Band history: We started in 2008,
We changed our guitarist in 2009,
We recorded a demo in 2010,
We launched a bandcamp in 2011,
We recorded our first album in 2012.
We did some acoustic shows in 2013.
We did a France-Germany tour in 2014.


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