Monday, 16 September 2013

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From the Ages is available to pre-order now via iTunes.

Pre-order the Limited Edition vinyl LP at THIS location!

"To describe EARTHLESS' music is a bit like describing a dream.  In fact, there's nothing altogether straightforward about the band's sound except, well, that they fucking rock. Yeah, let's go with that description: Fucking-rock." - SAN DIEGO CITYBEAT

The Mighty EARTHLESS has returned!!!

Award-winning San Diego power rock band EARTHLESS has completed work on its brand new album From the Ages.  The first new studio album from the globally celebrated trio since the release of 2007's critically acclaimed Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky, the LP was recorded in San Francisco with producer Phil Manley (Trans Am, The Fucking Champs, SubArachnoid Space).  An hour-long double LP, From the Ages will see an October 8 release date via Tee Pee.

Wanna hear some new music?!?  OF COURSE YOU DO!

Pitchfork gives music fans the first taste of new EARTHLESS, premiering the stunning 14-minute new song "Uluru Rock".  Check out EARTHLESS' "Uluru Rock" now at THIS location!

Stereogum unleashes the brand new, near 15 minute long EARTHLESS song "Violence of the Red Sea", calling the band's sound "an absolutely apocalyptic brand of instrumental stoner-psychedelic-doom that relies on each player basically being a total powerhouse carrying an equal (and very heavy) load."  ROCK EARTHLESS' stunning "Violence of the Red Sea" right now at THIS location!

"We feel this is some of the strongest material that we have ever created and we cannot wait to get out there and share it with everyone in a live setting," said the band when asked for comment.  From the Ages' sprawling, epic cover art was created by renowned rock music poster artist Alan Forbes (Queens of the Stone Age, SWANS, Black Crowes) while the record's surreal inner design was brought to life by the band's own Mike Eginton

Track listing:
     1.) Violence of the Red Sea (14:44)
     2.) Uluru Rock (14:08)
     3.) Equus October (5:42)
     4.) From the Ages (30:55)

null   EARTHLESS (L to R: Mike Eginton, Mario  Rubalcaba, Isaiah Mitchell)
(photo: Camilla Saufley)
Formed in 2001, EARTHLESS prides itself on creating energetic, utterly unique and free thinking instrumental music inspired by an eclectic mix of German krautrock and Japanese heavy blues-rock. The Californian trio has dedicated itself to mastery of the mind-bending jam session, evoking the spirits of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath in equal measure.  Named after a song title from vintage New York garage-psych band The Druids of Stonehenge, EARTHLESS' sound has been called "A sonic kaleidoscope of lava and lightning", earning it the title of "California's loudest band".  The group delivers "one of the best live shows in all of modern, heavy rock," leading to one reviewer stating that the band's "epic shredding harkens back to the days were psychedelic rock had balls the size of grapefruits and wasn't afraid to take its listeners on a ride for which they may never return."  

     Each member of EARTHLESS has done time in many other bands. Drummer (and former pro skater) Mario Rubalcaba currently plays in the hardcore punk band OFF! and has also occupied the drum throne in Rocket From The Crypt and Hot Snakes amongst many others. Bassist Mike Eginton played with Electric Nazarene and guitarist Isaiah Mitchell was most recently in Howlin' Rain, has played with Nebula and Drunk Horse and also heads up the Bay Area band Golden Void.  In the end, EARTHLESS is the musical rock that grounds the three musicians and now, after more than half a decade since the release of their last studio LP, EARTHLESS has returned and is out to prove -- through sheer rock power -- why they are considered the cream of the modern day heavy psych scene.

North American tour dates in support of From the Ages are expected to be announced soon. Stay tuned!
"EARTHLESS purvey majestic acid rock, a genre that bakes the neurons with industrious instrumentals. And this trio blisters more brain cells than most.  EARTHLESSkeeps even this interpretation ruggedly exploratory, moving with transcendent skill from classic rock badlands to heavy metal cosmos." - SF WEEKLY

     "EARTHLESS can do dynamics, shifting from hazy clouds of feedback to sludgy doom riffage, but they generally don't. Instead the band starts at 100% speaker-cone-bursting ear-drum-rattling intensity and stays there for as long as physically possible. It's sort of like doing level-4 hot yoga in the chamber of Tommy Chong's bong." - WASHINGTON CITY PAPER

     "Think of Hendrix playing with Sabbath without the vocals and add Cream's sense of movement and thud...insanely gifted EARTHLESS: they're a whole other thing in American power rock right now. They point a way that few will be able to follow." - ALL MUSIC 

     "Music so freewheeling that it begs to be slathered with hyperbole. You know, the usual "gamma rays of madness bashing your DNA into the Stone Age on laser fingers" type of thing.  EARTHLESS have massive chops." - STYLUS

     "infectiously good...thick guitar tones, and a rhythm section that would make any bandleader foam at the mouth make you wonder whether you are supposed to grab your air guitar or your air drums first." - ALARM

     "EARTHLESS weave together a formidable blend of shredderiffic classic rock / psychedelic stoner metal...this shit bops n bounces n totally slays through epically searching musical journeys in a supremely palatable and jaw-dropping way" -METALSUCKS


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