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Yes, friends and neighbours, on Wednesday June 6th – after the tiresome jubilee and on the anniversary of D-Day – The Deviants (your actual amazing survivors of the original Deviants and Pink Fairies) will be playing the Robin 2 in Bilston. It’s our very first show in the UK Midlands so click here for details and tickets.


A very Special event featuring a rare appearance by one of Britains's most influential Rock Acts. The Deviants are a very occasional community band formed in 1967 by writer White Panther activist and " Crown Prince of the Counter Culture", Mick Farren, who describes their sound as 'teeth grinding, psychedelic rock - somewhere between The Stooges and The Mothers Of Invention.

Rock historians have dubbed The Deviants "the missing link between classic British psychedelic rock and punk".

It’s a miracle they survived…

The Deviants’ Last Stand is a unique event. Mick Farren, Russell Hunter, Andy Colquhoun, and Duncan Sanderson – all former members of The Deviants and The Pink Fairies – have re-formed (but hardly reformed) to provide one last legendary go round. Along with newcomer Jaki Windmill from Nik Turner’s Space Ritual, they provide not only a night of honed and hardened insurgent rock & roll both ancient and modern, but also a direct connection to the heart of genuine rebel counterculture of the 1960/70s. The four principals have put out more the twenty albums and CDs between them, their songs have been covered by Metallica, Motorhead, Hawkwind, Wayne Kramer, and Henry Rollins among others. They are well aware of their considerable history, are willing to work with promoters to ensure all possible local press and radio. The Deviants’ Last Stand is a unique chance to witness true icons performing live one more time.

Writer Gary Parsons says it all in a recent online review of the bands show at The Borderline (March 23, 2012).

The Deviants blasted out of the underground psychedelic scene in 1967. While Syd Barrett was taking the Pink Floyd into outer space and Jimi Hendrix was making his guitar wail to all the ‘foxy ladies,’ Mick Farren’s gang of urchins were singing the hymns of squat-land. With albums such as Ptoof!, Disposable and 3, the troubadours of Notting Hill sang proto-punk anthems while down the road bands such as Quintessence sang about “Jesus and Buddha.” While on a tour of the States the band imploded and became The Pink Fairies, leaving Farren out in the cold to become fist-waving conscience of the International Times and other underground tomes of the times. Intermittently over the last 40 years the Deviants have regrouped and have gone back out on the road and into the studio to remind us why their music still matters.

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