Tuesday, 6 April 2010

007 - Dee Seecreet Ageent

Aleister crowley: the great beast 666
by Richard Metzger - November 10, 2002

"Aleister Crowley was an outrageously libeled and slandered man in his time. He was variously called 'monster,' 'degenerate,' traitor,' 'evil,' 'criminal,' 'pornographer,' 'devil worshiper,' and on without end. But he has also been called, by people who knew him and by those who have studied his works, 'genius,' 'prophet of the New Aeon,' 'the greatest occultist of this century,' 'one of the finest poets of the 20th century,' etc. Crowley was a mystic, a magickian, a scholar, a poet, a climber of mountains and probably a true prophet. He certainly became a 'legend in his own time' and will probably attain real recognition only after we of lesser minds have had a chance to digest what he taught and the world has had a chance to catch up to the vision he had."From the book jacket of The Legend of Aleister Crowley by PR Stephensen and Israel Regardie (1972 edition, now reprinted by New Falcon Press).

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