Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Dzjenghis Khan - more pr for a group worth it

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Psychedelic super freaks DZJENGHIS KHAN released a freak-out acid fuzz 70s black psychedelic hardrock monster which blows your mind away. These artists are more seventies than the seventies itself. Listening to their way-out freaky phat music let you dance madly backwards. DZJENGHIS KHAN are the grandsons of Captain Beyond on LSD. In an adjusted world of ritalin popping robot-like zombies their music is a slap in the face of the trend-following society. Wow, what an awesome start to the new decade!

"Every single song is excellently reminiscent of old hard-rock acid heavy sounds. Goddamn if they do not hit the spot where Leaf Hound and Mountain left off and where Gorilla, Orange Sunshine et al trying to hit!"


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